"What is my calling?"
Your calling is simple. Be His.
Be His temple. Be His steward of "your" flesh, of "your" money, of "your" job, of "your" things, of "your" relationships. Be His hands and feet. Be His mouth.
Be co-heirs with Christ Jesus. You are royalty, adopted princes and princesses of the King of the universe.
Submit to His spirit; angels are befuddled over you, demons are jealous over you, because God's glory does not only shine UPON you, God's spirit is WITHIN you, and that is a privileged miracle that is unique to YOU and no angelic being. God's spirit and your spirit are become one, literally one.
Or do you really know Him like that? Do you know Him like that? Are you trying to know Him like that? Is that not worth setting aside EVERYTHING in your life so that you can know Him like that?