The fellowship that Jesus had when he walked the Earth as Son of Man with the Holy Spirit was unique and exclusive. No one else ever experienced the kind of power that Jesus had with the Holy Spirit, the kind of guidance that he had, the intimacy that Jesus had with the father through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had exclusive and special partnership with Jesus **because Jesus was perfect**. He was the son of God. But what Jesus did on the cross enabled God to see us as perfect like Jesus. Because of the blood of Jesus, the spirit became poured out upon all flesh, when that veil was torn and the spirit showed up in full force on the day of Pentecost. Everything Jesus did was to demonstrate what life with the Holy Spirit should be like. Loving people. Healing people. Delivering people. Performing miracles. And most importantly and most beautifully and most astoundingly and most desirably, the intimacy with the father that we get to enjoy through the spirit!!