A little history for those not in the know.

In the book of Genesis, God told Abraham that from his lineage would be a promised blessed nation. Abraham grew old and so did his wife Sarah who was well past normal childbearing age, so in something of a "let's hurry this up" panic Abraham seeded a son with his servant Hagar instead. The son's name was Ishmael. But Sarah was Abraham's actual wife, and she surprisingly ended up getting pregnant with Isaac. So when Abraham realized that God was going to meet His promise through normal means (through his wife), he sent Hagar and Ishmael away. God made a sad promise, that Ishmael would forever be antagonistic towards the offspring of Isaac.

Isaac's offspring ultimately became Israel and the Jewish people. Ishmael and his offspring ultimately became the Arab people, who would indeed persistently attack Israel time and time again.

After Jesus came, died, and resurrected, and after Rome destroyed the Jewish temple, a new religion birthed from among the Arab people called Islam (Muslims), their prophet Mohammad being the instigator of it all.

The Muslims attacked Israel and in 636 A.D. took it over. They expanded their conquest to surrounding regions, and when reportedly two thirds of the entire known world had been conquered (raped, pillaged, etc) by Muslims and forcefully converted to Islam, the Catholic Pope decided to send Catholic militia men to fight back. These were the Crusaders, and their defensive efforts, called the Crusades, were not only effective, they became a strong offense, which "won" the religion in many regions "back" to a form of Christianity. Islam was driven away into the shadows. Sadly, they were not only successful, they kept the push-back going for way too long. Many, many lives were lost and much blood was spilled forcing people and nations to convert "back" to Christianity, before a pope generations later finally demanded a halt.

Christianity continued to flourish in Europe but it became a state religion with toxic tie-ins to government authority. After the Americas were found, some individuals seeking freedom to read and discuss the Bible freely made off on the Mayflower seeking religious freedom. Thus, USA was eventually born in large part with the intent for absolute religious liberty.

In 1948 A.D., after the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany, which murdered millions of Jews in and near Germany, allied nations decided to restore the nation of Israel, which Muslims had conquered (stolen) in 636 A.D. Anti-Semites have been seeking to have Israel destroyed again ever since. From the botched attempts at establishing legitimacy in the faux nation/region known as "Palestine" to the Muslim terrorist camps and organizations such as the one known as ISIS and another one known as Hamas.

The people of so-called "Palestine" are today routinely declaring that Israel should be removed from the map, and that they deserve the animosity shown towards them such as the rockets that are constantly bombarding Israel. Israel fends most of the rockets off with technology known as "the iron dome".
According to both Old and New Testament scripture, a final major war will break out over Israel, and other and similar verbiage and insight exists in the New Testament inferring that a third temple must be built (there is currently a Muslim mosque built on the 'Temple Mount' where the Jewish temple must be built, which makes that difficult).

Most Christians treat Israel with special dignity because in its original history God has promised Abraham, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." (Genesis 12:3). God gave us Jesus who reconciles all of mankind including gentiles with Himself, it was Jesus who fulfilled the promises of Abraham's descendants benefiting the world, but He cannot renege on His word about people blessing Abraham's descendants (Jews, Israel).

So be aware of what Israel deserves and what Israel is up against. Israel has a right to be Israel. Islamists will always do what they do, too, hating on Israel and accusing Israel of ridiculous claims that are never proven. When you see strange things happening on the temple mount, people raise eyebrows because it may be a lead-up to building the third temple, which might be a lead-up to what some interpret the Bible to refer to a 7-year tribulation period, which means Jesus' soon return. When rockets are sent to Jerusalem, mothers and children are told to lock themselves up in a safe closet. Know that Islam does not have much substance in the consumption of Israel's resources, their accusations of Israel's lack of honor are based on extreme prejudice against the Jewish people.

Meanwhile, God is in control. But just so you understand what's up over yonder in the Middle East and Israel. That's what's up.