Free Bible Distribution

In at least one neighborhood, Next Door Christian uses actual Bibles freely distributed to local neighbors' homes to encourage locals to find the site and register as new users. The ultimate goals of the site are to:

  • Encourage local people to read God's word! The Bible is the most distributed, most read, and most loved book in the entirety of human history.
  • Provide visibility between local believers so that they can discover each other and possibly form fellowships together (Bible studies, house churches, etc).
  • Assist in guiding people from wherever they are at in their walk with God to becoming closer to God and His plan for their lives.

The Bibles distributed are high quality gift Bibles, in a very readable modern translation, such as New Living Translation or New International Version.

If you received a Bible,

Officially the site hasn't launched yet, but when we do we will encourage members to follow the same pattern of Bible distribution.

You're strongly encouraged to register as a new user with your street address so that we can follow up. We'd love to either come back and study God's word with you and/or pursue God Himself with you in your home, or invite you to Jon's humble little home for the same (hope you aren't allergic to cat hair).

You can reach out to Jon at [email protected] for direct follow-up.

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in (distributing Bibles),

that's AWESOME! And there's no trick to it, no church or denomination sponsoring it, the idea is just buy a bunch of Bibles (, be ready to answer questions, and go!

The distribution of Bibles we know about includes a couple messages including a wake-up call (a letter as a tract) and, separately, a reference to this site, all in a gift bag. The resources were printed or purchased online.

Actually, to be fair, there is a good deal amount of other things that are done in this effort, and they include prayer, fasting, and planning.

If you do want to participate in this, consider reaching out. These are some suggestions:

  • Don't represent a particular church or denomination; God and God alone should be glorified. Leave your denomination's unique inclinations aside.
  • By synchronizing with others in the neighborhood using this web site's resources (i.e. email) you can avoid duplicate distribution to the same homes.
  • Be prepared to offer home group meetings, whether returning to the home you are visiting for distribution or your own home. Clean your house and make sure children and pets are peaceable for a God-seeking session.
  • Be knowledgeable in the Bible yourself. Be able to answer basic questions at your neighbor's door and be born again already (have God's spirit within you).
  • Pray up before heading out. Pray spiritual warfare and protection. Be prepared to pray for anyone who comes to the door.
  • Have one or two or more local churches in mind that you do not attend but that you can recommend for anyone who desires traditional, auditorium based fellowship.

We are not a cult or a strange denomination

We are just followers of Jesus who appreciate the Bible as the word of God. That's all. We believe that the term "Christian" needs to be qualified to mean "disciple of Jesus", and we believe that to be a disciple of Jesus we must be sharing our faith. We believe that the Bible, despite all of its sometimes awkward bulk, including extensive ancient laws and such, it ultimately fully contains the full and complete explanation that is the essence of our faith. And so, aside from the Bible and the acquisition of the actual presence of the spirit of God dwelling within us, there is nothing else that must be said or taught. There is only one Teacher, and He is the spirit who raised Jesus Christ (God who came in the flesh) from the dead and who therefore now lives in those who sincerely believe. That said, we certainly believe that teaching the Bible and practicing the commandments to Love God and love our neighbors and sharing in the outpouring of God's presence are all appropriate and indeed crucial activities in participating in the kingdom of God. But the point is that we we come with no strings except that the Bible alone is God's true word and that it explains all that we need to fully live.

And we just want to share that faith with you. If you would like to reach out to us, please do. If you peruse the Bible and realize that just reading the book you are completely satisfied with what you want to do next in your path towards God, then that's wonderful, too. Please do find some fellowship with other believers somewhere. God bless you!